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Speech - no school

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1 Speech - no school on Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:49 pm

If there is no school in the world.There are some good things,and bad things.

First,go to school to study costs lots of money,so if there is no school any more,I can save money.
Second,no class,no homework,no tests,can make me happy.
Third,I don't need to go to school,and then I can sleep late.Good slleeping keep mine body healthy.
Forth,I don't need to wear ugly and uncomfortable uniform.It's all the students' hope.

First,if there is no school in the world,I can't learn new information,it will make me like a fool.
Second,to stay with family is good,but stay with them whole day ,really can make me crazy.

Although there are something bad for no school,but I still want there is no school any more in the world.

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