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Thunder Road

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1 Thunder Road on Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:30 pm

When I listen to this song for the first time,I thought it was just a
kind of normAl story,but after I read whole the lyrics,I got some
opinion of this song.
If I stand at the girl's angle,I will choose the man who I love and just go away,never back.The reason is that I don't want a boring life like living in a small town,meeting the same people or friends forever.If my choise is wrong,the man is not my Mr.Right,I would break up with him,and find another one,but never back home.
If I am the man,I won't let the girl go with me.I can't give her anything.I don't have money or a house,I don't know where I am going,I don't even know how will I become.So,if she go with me,she won't be happy anymore.Because there will be lots of difficult problems if I go away.I would break up with her and go myself.I think this is the best way for each other.
That is my opinion of this song
Thank you!

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2 Re: Thunder Road on Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:38 pm

can't I write this topic? Question
but teacher John said that there are four topics we can talk about!
no and the song Thunder Road!
I don't know that if my topic is okay or...

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3 It's OK! on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:42 pm

You're correct that this was an additional choice of topics. In fact, The Professor is glad that you chose it. Very Happy He also enjoyed your approach of looking at the story from the girl AND the boy's points of view. He is surprised that you think the boy has nothing to offer her. He has offered her his love, the opportunity, and a lifetime together. Isn't that enough?

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4 Re: Thunder Road on Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:45 pm

I am a little surprised that there isn't the other one choise
this topic Shocked
bcoz I think this is the easiest one to write Laughing
I think these questions for a long time,bcoz I want to find the
best answer.

the boy has nothing to offer to the girl,
which means nothing realistic.He can give her love,freedom,his
whole life maybe.but if they go away.They are starving,but
they don't have money.Or,there is no place to go,but they really
need somewhere to live.
I mean,it's really a hardship.So,if I love the girl,I will
protect her and let her feel happy as I can.But,at the same time
I also want to leave away from a small town,and I know that it
will be difficult to alive.It means,I can't do them at the same
time.Maybe,the girl will be very sad and think I am cruel or
selfish,but I just want to protect her and I don't want her to
take those problems with me.

that's all!
so now ,does Professor still surprised about it?
I have thought about it for a few days Razz
and I found there is another situation
if the boy is the bad guy,he just want to attack the girl
or lie her..... Cool

haha Very Happy
But it would be a new song Laughing

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5 Further thought ... on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:03 am

Why do you assume the guy can't provide for her? He may not be very handsome; or very smart, or very young; but, they can both work. They can move to a new place and build a new life. By leaving their hometown, they have a chance to discover new things, and to have new opportunities. The history of the world shows many people leaving home with no (or very little) money, and becoming successful in another place. Think about your ancestors who left China for Taiwan. Were they looking for a better life?

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