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If there's no time in the world

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1 If there's no time in the world on Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:32 pm

If there's no time in the world,people won't be so busy as now.We won't have test anymore, because teacher can't says
that "Next monday will have a math test." there's no "next monday" !! It must be great and fun. we can do anything we want.
And I think people will be more friendly. Because we don't know that will we die or not, so we will love everyone in our life.
Everyone are young and beautiful in the world, maybe your grandmother can looks younger that you ! (It's a little terrible) But, your lover can be handsome or beautiful
"forever", your boyfirand won't feel you aregetting older and uglier then fall in love with others, (but if your grandmother looks younger and prettier then you, maybe be want your grandmother to be his girl firend)
You'll never argue with your brothers and sisters for TV.Because you don't know "when" will show what on TV.
If there's no time in the world,I think it will be better than now. pig

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