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If no school,what would be like?

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1 If no school,what would be like? on Sat Mar 14, 2009 7:38 pm

It is important to have school,but if no school,what would be like?
Why did I say school is importmant?Because school can teach us many things,
even cooking,painting and campig.In fact,if no school,we will be happy,
right?But you need to think about it,if don't have school,you don't
have classmates,friends and even teachers.You can't meet more person,
just only your family.If no school,we also don't need anymore exam.
We don't need to read lots books,but we can't learn more things than you
know.School can make you feel happy,because you can meet diffirent guys.,
learn some special skills.In fact,if school don't have books andexams,
we would like school more and more!

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