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If there is no time in the worid...

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1 If there is no time in the worid... on Sat Mar 14, 2009 7:57 pm

If there is no time in the world. Peo won't be birth, age,
illness and death. Someone think that people won't be old is
great because they will always be young. One year, five years,
ten years, twenty years! No one will change, and all of the
things will be still the same. What a terrible thing!
This isn't the worst thing. The most terrible thing is
people's feelings. If there's no time in the world. People don't
know what they should do. We will become no object in life. Such
life didn't have the significance.
Now, I will talk about something terrible if there's no
time in the world. There isn't day and night. No weeks, months,
years and seasons. The trees and flowers don't change their
colors. The whold world will be stop. The earth don't have
rotation and revolution. It will be attracted by the sun. The
judgment day will coming.
At last, I think there can't be no time in the world.

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