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If no school in our life

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1 If no school in our life on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:34 am

I want no school in my life.Because I think school is a terrible place.It's very comfortable to stay at home.
If no school in our life.We don't have to study any more. We don't have tests and we don't need to meet teachers every day.I can watch TV ,play computer at home and Ihave more to do other things.
But if we don't go to school.We'll have no friends.Our life will be very boring.Because we don't have friends!And we don't learn.That's terrible.
I still think that I want no school in my life.Because if I don't have any friend,I can go to the park to meet somebody.I can chat with stranger.But I think it's hard for me! Very Happy

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