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soooo cold

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1 soooo cold on Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:44 pm

A:Which do you prefer, a window seat or an aisle seat?
B"I prefer a window seat for sure.
B:In case some bad thing happen and then I can jump out from it.
I know you are cold now
so I give you a hot sun sunny

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2 Airplane Humour on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:48 pm

How about this one?

"Welcome aboard Southwest Flight 632 to Taipei. To operate your seatbelt, insert the metal tab into the buckle, and pull tight. It works just like every other seatbelt and if you don't know how to operate one, you probably shouldn't be out in public unsupervised. In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will descend from the ceiling. Stop screaming, grab the mask, and pull it over your face. If you have a small child traveling with you, secure your mask before assisting with theirs. If you are traveling with two small children, decide now which one you love more."


"Last one off the plane must clean it." tongue

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