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Music is an important thing in the world.

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1 Music is an important thing in the world. on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:16 pm

We can't lose music because everyone will need it sometime.
For example,today is your birthday,and your friends know,your
family know.But they just say : Happy birthday!Before you cut
your birthday cake.How do you feel? And when you are unhappy,
sad or angry,you can play music,sing a song,listen to a
comfortable,happy or your favorite music.It just take your a
little time.You can relax by yourself and feel better in music.
But,one day music is gone and no more music.How the world will
be?I think,it will be a boring,unusual world.Because music is
around our life.In school,we have school bell.On class,a
garbage truck is over the nearest street.Or someone is saling
something on a truck and driving away near school.A classmate
forget to close her cell phone... .These all gone!No music,no
CDs,no singers,no MP3,MP4 or iPod,no songs... .It is wear,right?
Go to a moviejust see some people are talking,fighting each other
or fall in love with someone... .Is it boring?
I want say is "Music is an important thing in the world,in our life!" Very Happy

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