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If thewe are no music anymore

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1 If thewe are no music anymore on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:22 pm

I like listening to music and seeing movies,they can make me
Movies are interestint is because there is background music.If
movies without music,those aren't movies,they are just pictures,
and it won't exciting anymore.
I also like many musicians and singers,like Jolin,Jay,or S.H.E,
.But if one day the world don't have music,there won't have
they anymore.
But there aren't all bad things,if our world don't have music,
we can listen to the sounds of the nature,like water sound,wind
sound and also bird chirps,they can be the good chosses.
So,one day if the world realy don't have music,we can have
anorher try,that can be intersting too.

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