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If there was no music

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1 If there was no music on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:06 pm

I think if there was no music,people were try to use heart to hear what the other people say, and the sounds from nature.But people were boring and hate to watch TV.Thet all became love to read ,the writer was the most popular job.
Papers were more expensive than gold,because the trees disappeared always faster than people grew trees.The weather would change,than one day-no more trees.No trees meant no plants,no plants
meant no animals,no animals meant no food. People in the world became crazy,wanted to die's percent
is higher and higher.They stared to eat their parents,teachers,friends.That was terrible!no hope!
no Jolin's songs!no wish!Finally,human became history just like the dinosaur.And the ET's world will coming.

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